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Project Sunshine

Written by Sheridan Merrick

Directed by Gene Farbe

Presented in collaboration with WOAR and OMG! Studios

Are you interested in learning to meditate?

Do you want to connect with your inner goodness, in a community of like-minded truth seekers?


An episodic, immersive theatre experience,

Project Sunshine brings audience participants into the Shambhala community,  a contemporary Buddhist lineage dedicated to creating enlightened society.


Over the course of five fictionalized classes and community events, participants will be immersed into the magic of this community…as well as its complications. Audience participants will have the option of joining as themselves or LARP-ing (Live Action Role-Playing) as a character they’re sent in advance, and will become active co-authors of the story as it unravels.


Spots for this experience are limited, and selected based on submission. Those interested in participating can choose from multiple tiers of engagement based on availability.


Content Warning:

Themes of sexual abuse and spiritual fanaticism. 

Those interested in participating can choose from three tiers of engagement: 

Tier 1) attend only Episode 3 for $15

Tier 2) attend three episodes of your choosing for $30

Tier 3) attend all five episodes for $50



Monday, 10/23 7pm

Monday, 10/30 7pm 

Monday, 11/6 7pm

Monday, 11/13 7pm 

Monday, 11/20 7pm 



The Perch

2321 Emerald St, Philadelphia, PA 19125


Accessibility: Three stairs to the front door, bathroom on ground floor

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