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Fade to Black
Issa Black Philly Film Festival

Fade to Black: Issa Black Philly Film Fest is an annual film festival occurring every February showcasing the works of local Black Filmmakers of all levels, experiences, and styles.

This year’s theme is Contemporary Nostalgia. New things that remind us of our past. Where we came from. Or our favorite movie as a kid. It’s like when someone samples an old song for a new track. Or watching reruns on a streaming platform. Bell bottoms. Crocs. Stranger Things. X-Men. Contemporary Nostalgia examines the things that make us, US. The definition is up to the interpretation of the Artist and we can’t wait to see what you think!

SITE Fade to Black Design.png

Are You Ready to 
Fade to Black?

Tickets on Sale Now!
Fade to Black 2022

All Tickets are Pay What You Decide (PWYD)!


Fade to Black: Issa Black Philly Film Festival will be held in-person and online on February 28, 2022 at 6 PM in Philadelphia, PA. This year Fade to Black will be splitting 50% of the total box office sales with the filmmakers in this year's line up.

Important Dates:

Submissions Open: December 1

Submissions Close: January 17

Submissions Extension: January 25

Submissions Notification: February 1

Festival Premiere: February 28

Stay tuned for Fade to Black 2022 trailer featuring this year's line up!

Please direct all questions to or

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The Fade to Black Podcast

This year we will be counting down to Fade to Black: Issa Black Philly Film Festival with the official Fade to Black Movie Line-Up, a selection of movies honoring black cinema curated for a month long watch party. 

Be sure to tune in every Sunday for a new episode of our new podcast, The Fade to Black Podcast, a weekly Black History Month podcast in February honoring Black culture through the dissection, shade-throwing, and culture shifting conversations around black cinema chosen from the Fade to Black Movie Line Up.

Feb 22nd 2021
@ Youtube

Feb 24th 2020

@ The Wilma Theater Studio Space

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