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OMG! Studios is dedicated to creating media content for people of many passions, interests, and expressions to find themselves and their community. 

OMG! Studios specializes in podcasts, web series, short films, and more!

Hang w/ the Homies Podcast

A podcast where you, our potential future homie, get to hang with us, the Homies!

Come join a Hang with the Homies! This is a podcast where you, our potential future homie, get to hang with us, the Homies!  We shoot the shit, play some games, get deep, get chaotic. You never know what you're going to get a hang with the homies but its always going to be exactly what you needed... or not. The stakes are really low it's just a hang.

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The Fade to Black Podcast

A Black History Month podcast honoring Black culture through the dissection, shade-throwing, and culture shifting conversations around black cinema chosen from the Fade to Black Movie Line Up

Hosted by David Dunnington (he|his), this podcast honors Black culture through an exploration of Black cinema and what defines Black in film. Whether it be a film directed by a Black person, a film with an all Black cast, or a film For Us, By Us, you surely won't be disappointed by what to come. Join David as he seeks to answer this question with his invited guests on The Fade to Black Podcast. 

Copy of FADE TO BLACK MOVIE LINE-UP (Facebook Post) (Instagram Post).png

Follow Your Taste Buds

A traveling cooking show web series where we let our Taste Buds lead us to new destinations! 

Join your Host Suni B Rose (she|ze) and Kenny Wooten (he|him) as they journey off into the world to find some good food and make new friends. This web series as folks to recommend a Taste Bud who knows how to show up in the kitchen! 

Coming Soon! Be sure to check out the teaser!

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