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OMG! Presents

OMG! Presents is focused on creating performance based experiences and content that encourages empathy, exploration, and excitement in its audiences. OMG! aims to provide platforms for creating with the intent to amplify the stories, works, and imaginations of primarily Black artists.

OMG! Presents has produced podcasts such as Home w/ the Homies and plays such as The Great Adventure of Amelia Franchesca Amador: The Space Cowboy and festivals such as The Black Cloud Festival.

Home w/ the Homies Podcast

A podcast where You, our future and potential homie, get to hang out with us, the Homies. 

Hosted by Imani Johnson and Suni B. Rose, Home w/ the Homies is a bi-monthly low stakes hang where we shoot the shit, play some games, get deep, get chaotic. You never know what you're going to get with a hang with Homies but it's always going to be exactly what you needed... or not. The stakes are really low. It's just a hang. 

Homies Post Updates (Instagram Post)_edi
OMG Official ReBrand (1350 x 650 px).png

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